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We offer a wide range of security services right from manned guarding to cctv monitoring

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Corporate Security

Our corporate security personnel are ideal for companies and organisations that require a professional dress code and behaviour. Our officers have received the most significant level of training to fit in with corporate office surroundings.

Manned Guard

Our officers can respond quickly, effectively, and professionally to meet your security personnel requirements. They are hand-picked for each work to ensure that they will protect your interests to the best of their abilities.

Crowd Management

In crowded places, all staff is trained to control and coordinate crowds and handle issues discreetly. From small, private occasions to the largest and most high-profile events, Legend Facilities provides security services for all types of events where many people are expected.


Reception and Door Supervision

Your building entrance is the first impression of your company to your customers, and we’d like to maintain it. Whether you want to keep an eye on the people in reception or check every individual entering the door, officers are highly trained to perform their duties actively.


CCTV Monitoring

We have well-trained and experienced personnel to watch the zones you want to stay safe. They are highly aware of what constitutes aberrant behaviour and when to intervene. A CCTV camera that skilled officials adequately monitor is the best mix of security deterrence.

Covid-19 Security

Now, security isn’t about avoiding an attack or being intimidated; it’s about protecting yourself against a virus that has been spreading since 2019. Our crew keeps a close eye on everything and urges everyone to follow the SOPs.

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